How We Work

It is important that the public have trust and confidence in charities, which has been eroded in recent years.
Before setting up Nisa Global Foundation (NGF), the trustees therefore conducted some research with Muslim donors.
Having listened to their concerns, NGF will be guided by the following 8 values in all of its work.


Decisions and actions will be scrutinised so that: resources are used efficiently; beneficiaries are safeguarded; partner due diligence is conducted; conflicts of interests are managed; decisive action is taken when poor practice is identified; and confidential data is kept secure.


We will embed openness and honesty by ensuring we: acknowledge and communicate both successes and mistakes or failures; communicate how donations are spent and their impact; and conduct fundraising in an ethical, non-pressure and truthful manner.


We will use charitable resources efficiently by: implementing spending controls; keeping overheads to a minimum; streamlining processes; and working with local partners (and capacity building them), who are best placed to understand the needs of their own communities.


Partnerships and collaborations will be integral to our work because they can be an effective way of scaling up charitable work so that a significant difference can be made to the lives of even more people.

Respect and Dignity

The women and girls we help will not be treated as passive recipients. They deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. This will be reflected in our communications including marketing and the charitable activities that we fund.

Equality & Non-Discrimination

We will demonstrate our inclusivity and non-judgmental stance throughout our policies, procedures and our work. The empowerment of women and girls, regardless of who they are, will be at the heart of all that we do.


We will regularly use learning to make improvements and to raise standards through active listening internally and externally. We will carefully consider findings from monitoring and evaluations as well as feedback from donors, partners, beneficiaries, and the public.

Long-term Impact & Sustainability

We will prioritise work to help women and girls to be able to help themselves such as: equipping them with knowledge, skills and resources; addressing barriers to education and securing livelihoods; supporting them with their safety and improving their health and wellbeing.

Our Supporters