If you are not satisfied with activities provided by Nisa Global Foundation (NGF), have any concerns, you can raise a complaint via the Contact page.

  1. Complainant Information and Confidentiality
    To protect the NGF from unreasonable or vexatious complaints to deliberately waste valuable resources, you will need to identify who you are and provide your real name and your contact details. Your details will be kept confidential unless the law requires them to be disclosed to relevant authorities.

  2. Complaints Addressed
    To ensure any complaints received are dealt with fairly, effectively and consistently, a procedure has been developed, which will be followed.

  3. Complaint Recording and Investigation
    The complaint will be recorded, confirmation sent that is has been received, which, will include next steps to be taken, and if necessary investigated.

  4. Action and Learning
    If the concerns are found to be valid, NGF will offer redress. This may be in the form of a written apology, a promise to address the problem and make changes. This may also include strengthening processes and policies so the problem is not repeated. If an apology is to be offered, this may be a public one, depending on the nature and seriousness of the problem.

  5. Outcomes Recording and Risk
    Any action taken outcome of the complaint will also be recorded and if necessary information added to the 'Risk Register.'